Our Story

Introducing Imber

Our story is a tale of transformation, creativity, and a deep-rooted love for food. It's a journey that started in the heart of restaurants, where Imber honed her craft of creating delicious food.

As a long-term vegetarian, Imber was held back by one thing: cheese. The last piece of Camembert she savored marked the turning point. She realized there was a universe of tastes waiting to be discovered, beyond traditional cheese.

Venturing into the United States, Imber embarked on a foodie adventure and started working at a Vegan diner. Imber hosted a potluck at home for her colleagues, and created five different vegan cheeses to share. The response was overwhelming; her boss loved the cheese and urged her to prepare it for the diner. Customers couldn't get enough. Local co-op health food stores clamored for the delicious products.

Late nights and early mornings followed, as Imber tirelessly made cheese while the demand continued to grow into her own cheese making business. Along with her success, came her newborn daughter. Balancing life and work was a challenge that led to a tough decision. The business was sold, and the family moved back to Australia.

In 2020, after a well-deserved break, Imber decided to revisit the world of vegan cheese. Initially expecting a small market, she were amazed by the positive reception, even from non-vegan customers who fell in love with the taste. Health food stores, IGAs, wholefood markets, delis, and supermarkets across Australia began stocking her cheeses. Then came a game changing call from Woolworths.

The vision for the future was clear: dairy-free cheese that tasted better than dairy.

At Imber's Pantry our mission is to:

1. Make delicious and high-quality products.

2. Provide dairy-free options that taste authentic and function the same as dairy.

3. Make dairy-free cheese accessible and affordable.

We are thrilled to have you join us on this incredible voyage of taste, innovation, and the love of food.