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Fresh Mozzarella in Brine

Fresh Mozzarella in Brine


Our Fresh Mozzarella In Brine is the first of its kind. This remarkable dairy-free delight replicates the taste and functionality of traditional mozzarella.

This dairy-free option is the cheese for everyone; for those with dietary restrictions or those who simply prefer plant-based alternatives.

Whether you're topping a Caprese salad, adding it to your favorite pizza (yes, it melts!), or enjoying it on its own, you'll relish the luxurious texture and richness. The salt we use in our brine is mineral-rich and sometimes, pink minerals may settle in the brine.

How to store your Fresh Mozzarella

Due to being a fresh preservative-free product, the Mozzarella must be refrigerated and submerged in brine. To be consumed within 3 days of opening. 

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